Opening a financial account in one of the legacy institutions is a time-consuming experience. In the first place, you must travel to a physical branch of the organization, queue for minutes or hours and then talk to a human representative. On the other hand, you need to process tons of paperwork, some containing your official name and address, while others are indicating other details about your life before you get an account. And then one needs to keep all the details safely to maintain access to the account. You do not need to go through all the trouble. There is a new way of cutting to the chase and getting a fully functional financial account without all the fuss, thanks to the unique customer service proposition that is now common.

💾 Save your precious time

Opening an account nowadays is very simple and fast. There is no need of traveling to a physical branch of a financial service provider to open a simple account when you can do it from anywhere in the world. Once you log onto the platform, you will see an easy guide on how to create your account in a matter of a few minutes. The process is seamless and short that you only need to make a few clicks to get a fully-functional financial account.

Using this approach is beneficial to clients in several ways. Primarily, the nature of the process underscores our philosophy of helping you access your money on the go. If you would like to have full access to your money on a 24/7 basis, then it does not have to take you long to create an account for this very purpose.

💼 All your financial accounts in one place

It is common for people to keep multiple accounts with different service providers. Although the reasons for using this approach vary with every individual, it is common knowledge that clients look for numerous benefits when opening accounts with specific institutions. Thus, one can maintain accounts with an institution because of the ease of converting the money to other currencies.

But it is becoming increasingly popular for clients to access all their required financial services under a single online account, thanks to changes in regulations and the development of innovative digital financial services solutions. The better part of the story is that we are some of the leading firms in the financial services sector who offer this service. We are planning to implement this feature in 2020 when all traditional banking infrastructure will be ready. Once you open an account with us in a few minutes, you will have a unique form of access to all your accounts and related financial services. Thus, converting money from one currency to another would be easy, secure, and instantaneous. Also, making payments from your e-wallets would be convenient, safe, and very fast.

👮‍♂️ Your security is guaranteed.

One of the significant concerns that people have when they are considering using Fintech services relates to security. The emergence of tech-driven and innovative ways of offering financial services to customers has created a new problem. Criminals, keen on taking advantage of the new form of financial services, have devised a host of methods to interfere with the process. In other words, whereas the emergence of Fintechs sealed loopholes that hackers relied on the past, it created new ones.

There is a new form of crime in the financial services sector in which individuals create phantom accounts and use them to try to defraud genuine customers. As much as this may sound scary, you do not need to worry about it much. We have developed new systems to counter this trend and ensure that only genuine fellows open and maintain financial accounts on our platform.

Our account registration process is completely secure and reliable. We have made it impossible for fraudsters to open fake accounts. We do this by relying on a protocol of very tight security measures. We do extensive background checks on everyone who opens an account with us. Interestingly, the entire process is seamless and takes place in the background. Therefore, you do not have to worry that your financial services provider will intrude into your daily life to find out more about you. Besides, we take these measures to protect you from scammers.

🏪 Convenience

One of the hallmarks of an excellent financial service offer is the level of convenience. Given the nature of Fintech services, one is bound to expect the highest level of comfort regarding accessing and using the money. As it would be supposed, we have addressed all these needs in the services that we offer. For example, when opening an account, you have the chance of choosing between a personal and business one. An own account gives you the tools to manage your savings at any time and from anywhere. Getting a business account simplifies the process of raising and honoring invoices. You can pay for all your transactions by using your mobile device at any time.

Apart from offering you these two accounts, we enhance your financial convenience by giving you the means to control your money remotely. You can limit the number of funds that you would like to spend on certain things by using our range of highly useful and user-friendly tools. It is effortless to navigate on our application, change a few things about your account and retain a high level of control on how much you spend as an individual or an owner of a business organization. offers you a free, secure, and fast way of opening a financial account. We believe in the need to provide you with unique services to give you the tools to manage your personal or business money conveniently.