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December 11, 2018 in About Services
Multicurrency account
Multicurrency account

Opening an account does not have to be a complicated process. People do not have to travel from their homes to bank branches to open simple current accounts. It is no longer necessary to process much paperwork when activating an account. Moreover, the process of getting an account does not have to take very long. Nowadays, thanks to the emergence and growing popularity of Fintech, you can get a fully functional personal or business account in a matter of minutes. Besides, the account will be fully compliant with all the regulations that govern financial transactions across Europe and other regions. Monetley is at the forefront of this change. We are committed to helping you open a bank account online in an instant.

🔑 Monetley uses an innovative, simple, and secure process to let you open an account online very quickly. We have developed a system that addresses all the bottlenecks that people and banks frequently experience during the account opening process. Firstly, it has been difficult for people to open accounts fast enough because banks need to verify much information about their clients. The verification process is meticulous, tedious, and quite intrusive. It is common for would-be clients to shirk away from financial institutions when they realize that the staff is keen on learning much information about them.

📱 Technology has provided a practical solution to this problem in the form of biometrics. A lot of companies at this stage fully understand how this technology will affect the financial services sector, so they started to implement it. Suffice to say that it has already changed the way financial service providers can access and use information about their clients. Monetley is one of the adopters of this technology. We will use biometrics to capture all the critical information about our customers. When you open an account with us, you will not have to create tones of passwords and keep them in mind you will get the access with a few clicks.

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📑 We ensure that all the new accounts that our customers open meet the requirements of regulatory bodies. The FCA is the preeminent institution that governs all financial services in the region. A credible financial service provider needs to gain the approval of the FCA. Moreover, the body runs a system that guarantees people a refund of their money if something wrong happens to the financial service providers. Monetley will fully complies with all the requirements of the FCA. When you open an account with us, you will enjoy all the services that the FCA offers the public.

🗺️ Moreover, we adhere fully to all other relevant legal requirements. Given that most of our clients live and work in the EEA region, we have ensured that all our internal processes are in line with what the regulatory bodies in the EEA want. For example, the account holder registration process is seamless and fully secure. By conducting AML of all our customers, we make it easy for clients to open an account in a safe environment.

⏱️ Our focus on leveraging technology to create an effective and seamless account opening process will benefit you in several ways. In general, you will enjoy the convenience of opening a bank account within the shortest time possible and remotely. You can use a mobile device to open a current account with Monetely at any time. The process is so simple and secure that you can do it from anywhere.

🙋 Moreover, it will be convenient for you to complete the account registration process without having to answer many questions. We shall get all the information we need about you; therefore, you will not have to face a teller who is asking questions issues that you would not want to discuss with anybody else.

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💷 💵 💶 Similarly, we have designed this system to give you convenience. You can now manage your money more effectively than before by converting it from one primary currency to another. Our account allows the use of three major currencies: USD, GBP, and the EUR. You can switch between any two of these currencies in an instant. It will be particularly beneficial for business organizations because they must process invoices in different countries. If you are running an organization, you will find it easy to pay your creditors, thanks to the fast conversion process at affordable rates that we offer on our platform.

💱 For private individuals, the ability to convert money between multiple currencies will give them freedom and convenience. It will be easy for you to shop online by converting the money to the right currency. Furthermore, the currency conversion capability on our platform makes it easy for individuals to travel and use their money freely.

📈 Our financial services model drastically reduces the costs of all transactions. We then pass down the money that we serve from managing transactions to you, our customers, in the form of reduced prices for all the services on our platform. It is easy to manage a business current account on our platform than using conventional means because our rates are cheaper than what traditional financial service providers charge. Also, it is more affordable and more convenient to access and manage your money on our platform than when you use ordinary providers of financial services.

✔️You can take advantage of the convenience, simplicity, and security of our financial services system by opening a current individual or business account. We have made the process so quick and straightforward so that you can have the time to do other equally important things. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the security of your data or money because of the level of sophistication of the security features that we use.

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