Monetley is a Fintech company that offers financial infrastructure that saves you invaluable time by ensuring smooth and instantaneous financial activities. Time, a priceless and irreplaceable resource, makes us want you to spend it on the things that are important. With this in mind, we decided to model the core of our brand name by merging the words that perspicuously describe our concept, which is time and money. Thus our commitment to you is ensuring that your financial services happen momently.

We are committed to making all financial services accessible to every person in the European Economic Area momently. At the very core of building our company is to give your time its ultimate value.

With just but a few taps on your gadget, you are sure of accomplishing your financial services and obligations with tight security. It as well will accelerate your international transfers in under ten seconds by using SEPA-based money transfer system which is available across Europe.

🤔 Why Monetley?

We believe that any financial action can be momently.

Yes, that’s right with just but a few taps. We are committed to enhancing your experience by our seamless, secure yet instantaneous services. We know that your time truly matters, that’s why we are here to make all financial services momently, direct from your gadget of choice.

We have built a flawless digital financial transaction experience that has been customized to satisfy various customers’ individual needs. With our online currency converter, you can make payments swiftly across different platforms.

International financial transactions with are as instantaneous as your regular local transactions. No more precious time wasted in waiting for your transactions to get affected or on rigorous paperwork.

🏄‍♀ Financial Freedom Across Europe

By opening a full European e-money account that’s free, you’ll certainly delight in our entire range of financial services. Security for your money under EU regulations is guaranteed.

Within the EU regulations, whether you make a cross-border payment in euros, Romanian Lei or Swedish krona within the EU, you can’t be charged more than you would be for an equivalent national transaction. It includes cash transfers across different financial institutions in various EU countries and payments across the EU.

🛸 Automated Paperless E-money Account

Opening an e-money account with us only takes a moment, and because we believe in and know the value of your time, you can quickly open one up directly from your phone.

Forget all the time-consuming paperwork to maintain an account. Relax and enjoy your paperless e-money account with all your financial services automated for fast operation of your personal and business transactions.

Keeping track of your transaction history is as well on your fingertips. No worries, no doubts you rest assured that the spending of each of your precious coin is as per your requirements. No hidden charges and unexplained deductions.

This idea of smooth, borderless electronic payments and money transfers makes your financial management easier as you will have and precise information concerning any fees or charges applied.

Inside the Monetley.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Multiple Users

Opening an e-money account with us will take you just a few minutes, which you can set up from the convenient of your phone or your preferred gadget. Without asking you to visit a branch or burying you in paperwork, you can efficiently manage different financial transactions for different users by using our centralized account management feature.

You’ll as well receive payment notifications instantly; this will keep you on the toe with your expenses and other financial transactions in a centralized place regardless of them being on different platforms.

📱 Apps Integration

We are truly committed to maximizing your invaluable time resource by helping you enjoy seamless integration of your e-money account with leading apps. Some of these apps include Xero, Slack, and Zapier among others.

Such will ensure you can accomplish various tasks from a centralized point without the need to switch between multiple apps again saving you time momently.

🖧 Access to Our open API

In our endeavor to ensure the success of your financial processes, our open APIs permits you to integrate your core business processes to your e-money account so that you experience your choice corporate services seamlessly.

We warrant that you can instantly send or request money from business associates, family or friends by the touch on your gadget screen. Therefore, relax and live your life without the worry associated with lengthy and complicated financial processes.

🚨 Instant E-money Account Management And Security

The security of your e-money account is as well in your total control. You can adjust it by going to the settings on your gadget and making the adjustment as per your preference. You can as well change, add or remove any of the apps that you would have integrated with your e-money account at your convenience.

Most importantly we welcome you to offer suggestions of ways in which we can make Monetley better for you as we firmly believe in constant improvement. We remain committed to relentlessly make your financial operations seamlessly secure and instantaneous both now and in the future.